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Curriculum Overview

All subjects and areas of learning are carefully planned to give each child appropriate, memorable experiences and the opportunity to achieve his/her full potential.  Each class is part of the whole school and as a result does not work independently.  A themed, topic approach is used where possible, to enable our pupils to make links in their learning.  Our school curriculum is planned very carefully, with a two year cycle in Key Stage 1, a three year cycle from Years 3 to 5, and an annual cycle in Year 6. 


The following documents outline the long term curriculum plans for Years 1 to 6, based on the 2014 National Curriculum.  These act as a starting point for class teachers to ensure that all aspects of the National Curriculum are met.  Depending on the needs and interests of each cohort, slight variations may occur within topic areas. 


In our Reception class, baseline assessments are used to identify the strengths and areas of development for each cohort.  Short term topics are then planned, based on the interests of the cohort.  A range of adult-led and child initiated activities are prepared, with the continuous provision being adapted to address the needs of the cohort.  Enhanced provision is also planned, developing the topic areas.