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Welcome to Term 2!



Following my Term 1 Newsletter (which I have attached below), I thought I would drop you a few lines to update you on our topics this term.


Science: Light is our scientific theme this term, with the children developing their understanding of how light helps us to see, how it travels, reflection, refraction, spectrums and seeing colours.


History: In History our topic this term is WWII, including why the war began, evacuees, rationing, the role of women and the Holocaust. We will also make cross-curricular links to Science, PSHE, craft and design. Additionally, we will be making a trip to Cranwell Aviation Heritage Museum.


PE: Our topics in PE will be volleyball and dramatic dance, with the latter linking to our panto (oh no it won’t!). Please note that following the end of our swimming lessons, our PE is now on Mondays and Fridays, though PE kit should be in school every day.


For information regarding general daily routines, please refer to the Term 1 Newsletter. However, could I please re-iterate a few important details:


Water: Children need to have a water bottle to be kept in the classroom, so they have access to drinking water throughout the day. This bottle is for water only and not juice. Please send your child with a bottle of fresh water each day and then your child will bring the bottle home for washing and refilling. Please ensure the bottle is clearly named. Water bottles are available to buy from the school office.


Home School Diary: This should be brought to and from school each day. It will be used to record reading books, whilst there is also space for writing comments / messages. Please ensure your child has this book with them either at school or at home and support them with using it appropriately.


Homework: Homework will be given out on most Fridays and must be returned to school on the following Tuesday, or when specifically requested, for marking. Additional homework, such as topic research, will be given as necessary to support learning. Any comments regarding homework can be written in the Home School Diary, in the comment / message section.


Reading: Each week children will read in a group guided by an adult, or they may be heard individually. Reading books can be changed on any day. We will encourage your child to be independent in changing and choosing their books, however, this will only be allowed if their Home School Diary has been signed to confirm that the book has been read at home. Home School Diaries will be checked weekly, on Mondays, with the emphasis on the pupil to ensure the diary has been signed by parents and placed on my desk. Please encourage your child to read as much as possible, as this is where our learning journey begins.


I hope you find this information useful. If you need to speak with me urgently, please call in to the classroom. For routine enquiries, please speak with the office to arrange a mutually convenient appointment.


Kind regards


Mr. J Black


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