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Structure of the Governing Body

In order to strategically lead and manage our school, the Governing Body is structured into three groups:

  • Academic Performance; 
  • Financial Resources, Premises and Health and Safety; and 
  • Strategic Direction.  .


Within each group, Governors focus on different areas of responsibility, working to the strengths, skills and knowledge base of the respective governors.  Each Group of Governors is led by an identified Governor, to ensure clarity of direction. 


The different groups meet at different intervals, with some having regular, half-termly meetings, and others meeting as and when necessary in relation to the school calendar. 


The Groups are organised as below:

Academic Performance (including Pastoral Care and Child Protection) Half-termly meetings

Lead Governor: Katie Gravil

Group members: Andy Parker, David Sykes, Liz Regan, Val Greene, Emma Andrews and Anita Huckle.


Financial Resources, Premises and Health and Safety - Half-termly meetings

Lead Governors: Philip Sharpe (Finance) and Glen Keeble (Premises and Health and Safety)

Group members: Andy Parker and Katie Gravil.  Stacy Nixon, Bursar, to report to the Group as necessary.


Strategic Direction Panel (including Staffing and Marketing) Half-termly meetings

Lead Governor: Janet Adams

Group members: Andy Parker, Liz Regan and Katie Gravil.


Full Governing Body Meetings

Full Governing Body meetings take place half-termly, with each respective Group feeding back their actions to the full body.  Where approval is required for actions to take place, these are proposed at such meetings.