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Welcome to the Kingfisher Class



Below are some routines and reminders to help each day go smoothly. 


Home/School Diary:

This book must be brought to and from school each day. It is vital for communication and will be used to record reading books, reading sessions, homework, activities and messages.  If there is a message from home, please ask your child to bring it to the attention of the intended teacher/ TA.



It is expected that your child has an appropriate reading book with them for daily reading sessions.  This book can be from home or school.  Books can be changed whenever necessary and we encourage your child to be independent in changing and choosing books form the class or school library. However, guidance will be given when required. Children will read in a guided session weekly and may be heard individually too.  Children should be reading nightly.  Please sign your child's diary upon completion of any reading of their reading book. This helps us to keep track of any reading outside of school and the children will receive points towards their bookworm certificates.



A homework grid is attached below.  Children can choose four activities to complete this half term.  Please bring the work into school so that we can share it and celebrate your child's achievement with them 



Currently the children are allowed to attend school in their PE kit on the days that PE is taught - Monday and Thursday this term (Some competitions will be held on Fridays: if your child is involved they will be notified).  If your child wears earrings please teach them to remove and replace theses themselves. 



Pupils may have a refillable, named water bottle for the classroom so that they can have access to drinking water throughout the day.  Please note that this is for water only and not juice.


Please use the school diary for messages or email me at the address below.  Thank you for your continued support.


Kind regards


Mrs Bennett

Autumn Term 1 - Misty Mountain, Winding River


In the Misty Mountain, Winding River project, your child will learn about the characteristics and physical processes of rivers, including how they shape the landscape over time, their significance around the world and the impact of flooding. They will learn how to use the eight points of a compass, four and six-figure grid references, symbols and a key to locate and plot geographical places and features on a map, as well as how contour lines are used to show the topography of an area. They will have the opportunity to learn about the stages of the water cycle and about mountains and their different formations, studying mountain ranges in the United Kingdom and around the world. They will also learn about habitats and how human and natural influences can have an impact on the environment.

Home Learning


All children have access to school online resources that can be used on a daily basis.  These include:

  • Education City
  • TT Rock Stars
  • Oxford Reading Buddy
  • Espresso Coding

Pupils are familiar with these resources and login details are in your child's reading diary.


Children should read with an adult or older sibling for at least 15 minutes per day.  It is also expected that by the end of Year 4 all children have accurate recall of multiplication facts up to and including 12 x 12.

Homework grid - autumn 1