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KLT Planned Expenditure for PE and Sport Premium 2018 -19

Kirkby La Thorpe Primary School Academy

PE and Sport Premium Intentions 2018 - 2019 (£17,400)

What will we do?

Why will we do it?

When will we do it?

What will it cost?

What is included in the cost? What do we anticipate the impact to be?

How will we monitor and check our progress?

Membership of Carre’s Outreach

To engage all pupils in regular physical activities

September 2018 – July 2019


Participation in weekly competitions / festivals

Active school coordinator (1 day a week)

6x PE forums

Fitness profiling

Koboca resources

Staff feedback

Participation tracker

Youth Sport Trust membership

To access resources and training

September 2018


On-line resources

Self-review document

Staff feedback

Resources used


Increase the profile of competitive school sport and our House System

To increase the number of competitive opportunities within our school and against other schools

Every term


Children will learn to be competitive and will learn the values of school sport. House and inter-school competition will enrich the school experience

Results will be published on the school website and in the Newsletter

To maintain the Gold games mark and to achieve the Gold YST mark

To celebrate the quality of our existing provision and develop new initiatives

July 2019


More competitions entered against other schools, G+T support, more children in clubs, more house sports, School games day, promoting local clubs

Using a participation tracker and through regular meetings with our advisor

KLT sports crew

Children to help organise and run events.

September 2018 – July 2019


Money to help support and promote key values in games and sports, by providing medals and trophies and resources.

Photos, updates on the website

Meeting minutes

To develop the provision for Gifted and Talented pupils and ensure all pupils are provided with a high quality PE curriculum

To help these children reach their potential and increase their skills across the whole PE curriculum

January 2019 –January 2020


These children will have been identified on the G&T register.

All lesson plans are differentiated and G&T highlighted and planned for.

G&T students attend holiday club arranged by Carre’s Outreach

Differentiated lessons

Review lesson plans

2 children chosen to attend club, identified from fitness profiling data.

Supply cover for SL to attend courses / sporting competitions

More competitions and festivals can be entered as SL is able to attend and support.

September 2018– July 2019


More children to attend sporting competitions and festivals in many different sports including inclusive sporting events

Results will be published on the website / newsletter

To purchase fitness profiling,

To highlight children / groups / areas of weakness and strengths, to help inform planning and to assess the children.

May 2019


Children progress can be seen, monitored and tracked across the school. Lessons can be specific to meet the areas and children highlighted with specific needs.


Monitoring by SL

Approval from HT and staff

Impact on children’s ability.

Differentiated lessons with clear high expectations for all pupils

Staff feedback

Transport expenses

To allow teachers and TA’s to transport children to and from sporting events

September 2018 – July 2019


More children will be able to participate in festivals and competitions as staff are able to provide transport, not relying on parents

Monitor how many events we are able to attend this year and if the children are transported by parents or members of staff.

Active play equipment

To provide physical activity throughout the day.



The increase children’s physical literacy and provide opportunities to increase physical activities to meet the min 30 minutes daily requirement.

Fitness profiling results

To develop mental health and well being

To raise awareness of mental health issues related to children. To support those in need, with specialist intervention.

Jan – July 2019


Children to recognise and understand issues related to their own and others mental health.

Survey parents / pupils

To provide additional cooking sessions.

To encourage children to cook at home and to make children aware of healthy food choices.

Jan – July 2019


Equipment, food,

Fitness profiling data

Child surveys