Due to the Coronavirus, school will be open from Monday, 23 March for children of Key Workers/Critical Workers/Vunerable children all through the Easter holidays, including the bank holidays, until further notice.

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Kindness Learning Tolerance


Dear Robins,


I hope you are all keeping well.  As I'm sure you realise, if these were 'normal' times we would be on the Easter break now therefore home learning should be more relaxed.  However, it is still expected that you maintain your skills using the school online learning resourses - Oxford Reading Buddy and Education City.


I have outlined some ideas below of activities that you could have a go at over the next week. These are just ideas to get you started. Try to relax and have fun with your family as much as possible during these difficult times. Keep active as much as possible - play in the garden, go for a walk or run. I have really enjoyed taking part in the Joe Wicks workout each morning with my children!


Take care everybody,


Mrs. Ashton

(Goldfinch Class Teacher)



  • Write an acrostic poem using the word Easter! This could be as simple as writing one word per letter. Draw some pictures to go with your poem.
  • Make some Easter nest cakes and write the instructions for how you made them.
  • Design a new front cover for one of your favourite books.
  • Write a description of your garden during springtime. Use your senses - What can you see? Hear? Smell? Touch?
  • Go on a book scavenger hunt around your home. Can you find a book about animals? A book about science? A non-fiction book? A fiction book? A book with more than 50 pages?



  • Make Easter cakes using shredded wheat and melted chocolate. Follow a recipe, weigh out the ingredients.
  • Draw a template of an Easter egg. Use 2D shapes to create patterns in your egg.
  • Go on a 'Springtime Scavenger hunt' in your garden. Make a tally chart of all the signs of spring that you have found.
  • Choose a number between 1 and 10. What needs to be added to your number to total 20? Practice your number bonds to 10 and 20.



  • Design and make an Easter Card for your family.
  • Set up an Easter Egg hunt for your family to go on. Draw pictures of eggs to hide around your house and garden and write clues for your family to follow and find your eggs.
  • Research the life cycle of a caterpillar. Can you draw the different stages? Can you spot any caterpillars or butterflies in your garden?
  • Go on a rainbow scavenger hunt. Find something red, yellow, pink, green, purple, orange and blue. Arrange the objects to form a rainbow.
  • Paint or scetch an image of signs of spring in your garden.


Remember to take photographs of any activities that you do during this time. I would love to see them when we return to school! Have fun everybody!

Week 2 - Home Learning Activity Ideas


  • Draw a picture and write a caption of 'a typical day in isolation'. How are you feeling? What are you doing with your time?
  • Write a letter to a family member that lives in a different household. Share your experiences with them and ask them about theirs. Take a walk to your nearest post box to post your letter.
  • Imagine your garden is an 'Enchanted Woodland'. What can you see? Are there any hidden magical powers in your garden? Can you draw, label and describe your Enchanted Woodland garden.
  • Design a Fairy or Elf character. Draw your character and give them a name. What is special about them? Do they have any magic powers? Where do they live?
  • Design and create a comic strip using your Fairy or Elf character. What adventures could they get up to? Use your 'Enchanted Woodland' garden as the setting for your comic strip adventure story. Include speech bubbles and sound effects to really make it come to life!
  • If you have pets at home, why not read to them! Take a photo of you enjoying story time with your pets!
  • Follow this link for daily Read Write Inc. Sessions -



  • Make some fairy cakes. Follow the recipe and weigh out the ingredients. Once they are baked and decorated, count how many you have made in total. Can you group them into 2s and count them using the 2 times table?
  • Go out into your garden and find something tall/long and something small/short. Can you measure them and find the difference in length?
  • Create symmetrical butterfly pictures using paint. What shapes/patterns can you create?
  • Use potatoes/vegetables to dip in paint and create repeating patterns.
  • Create a family tally chart/pictogram about their favourite food/drink. Could you make a block diagram to show your findings?



  • Make a kitchen roll/loo roll bird feeder. Spread peanut butter over a cardboard tube and roll it in bird seed. Thread string through it and hang it up in your garden. Watch the birds come and enjoy your creation.
  • Lego challenge! Create your own Enchanted Woodland scene using lego. Could you build a home for your Fairy/Elf to live? If you don't have access to Lego, could you junk model your Enchanted Woodland?
  • Keep a weather diary for the week. How does the weather change as we move into April?
  • Go on a garden scavenger hunt. Can you find - 2 things that are green, 1 thing that is smooth, 1 thing that is rough, 1 thing that is hard, 1 thinig that is soft, 2 small things, 1 multi-coloured thing, 1 pretty thing, 4 stones/pebbles.
  • Use 'natural' things from your garden (perhaps from your scavenger hunt) to create a Fairy/Elf garden. Paint stones/rocks/pebbles.


Have fun everybody!



We will continue to learn about Space until Easter, so check out these ideas:


Activities to do at home:


  • Make some 'alien slime'
  • Make a junk model rocket
  • Design and create facts for planet 'Top Trumps'
  • Watch the moon landing on YouTube
  • Watch Apollo 11 with space themed snacks!
  • Choreograph a space dance to some music
  • Design and name your own constellation
  • Write a space log entry about a day on Mars
  • Explore materials that float / sink
  • Create a new alien language
  • Write and illustrate a space themed comic





Lessons in school are running as normal; so if your child (and other members of your family) doesn't have a new, persistent cough or a temperature above 37.8 then they are welcome to come to school and learn as normal.


If however, you are having to self-isolate as either your child or another family member are showing symptoms then, regrettably, your child will be required to continue their learning from home.


As a school, we offer 2 online resources to the Robin class that can be utilised:


Education City

Oxford Reading Buddy


The login credentials for which are in your child's reading diary.


Otherwise, I am in the process of putting together tailored, Robin Class Self-Isolation packs, that will be available from the office in due course.


Furthermore, I will be posting links and learning ideas to keep your child on track on this class page.


Take care,

Mr Smith

Toy Day!

Toy Day!  1

Robin Class (YR & 1) Homework Menu - Spring ii.

Tapestry Update - Feb 2020


Do keep uploading your child's developmental experiences to our shared platform.


I have been very impressed with the effort taken; but more importantly with the wide range of activities and experiences the children are experiencing outside of school.  From climbing to squash, geo-caching to baking, the children really are very lucky to have such great opportunities.


Keep it up!

Curriculum Design - Feb 2020


As we approach the mid-way point of our spring term, I'd like to share some changes to our curriculum design, implementation and procedure.


The new curriculum online design package will allow me to tailor and roll out lessons and academic learning objectives based on a selection of exciting and engaging themes.


Once completed I will be able to share this with you, on our class page, so you can be involved in journey.


I look forward to piecing together the learning on this new platform.

The National Gallery - Take One Picture 2020


Welcome back!


Wishing you a very Happy New Year and all the best for a prosperous 2020.


The focus for this half-term, leading up to our break in mid-February is:


The National Gallery 'Take One Picture'




Toys - Their history, materials and purpose. 


Look out for our class newsletter regarding our forthcoming toy 'swap shop' and toy day!



Mr. Smith

Tapestry Online - Observation example

Class Timetable (subject to change)

Welcome letter 2019-20

Kirkby la Thorpe Primary - Robin Class - Year: 2019-20

Kirkby la Thorpe Primary - Robin Class - Year: 2019-20 1

A very warm welcome to this, our Robin Class feed for the academic year 2019-20.


We will be posting curriculum information, updates and exciting class news on this page throughout the year.


Please feel free to speak to either myself or Mrs Huckle (about anything at all) at 8:45am or 3:15pm each day.


Alternatively you can email us at:


We will work hard with all children throughout the year to ensure they are safe, happy and reaching their full academic potential.


Your ongoing support is appreciated.



Mr Smith & Mrs Huckle

Team Robin