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Welcome to Woodpeckers!


Summer term 2 

Eco/nature topic

New challenge tasks

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Summer Reading Challenge


Please see below a link to the Summer Reading Challenge.


Kind regards


Mrs Leader and Mrs Middleton 


Hi Woodpeckers,

we are now entering our last full week of term time, so I will set work that will keep you busy until we break up and this will be the last time that I update the page, this academic year. I hope that you've all managed to enjoy the lovely weather this weekend and got involved with last week's challenge. A new one will be posted tomorrow.

For English and Maths this week, please continue to use BBC Bitesize's daily lessons, or The Oak Academy website. You are all in different routines, so choose whichever one works best for you.

I've been thinking about Topic this week and would like you to research Jane Goodall, plus one other person who works closely with nature (for example, David Attenborough, Steve Irwin, Timothy Treadwell, Jacques Cousteau).

1. Research their work and make notes.

2. Write a non-choronological report about both of the people that you have chosen. 

3. Include pictures in your report

Other things that you can try:- 

  • Complete the worksheet on Jane Goodall
  • Write a diary entry as if you have been observing an animal (of your choice) for 3 days
  • Complete the Jane Goodall reading comprehension
  • Draw a detailed sketch of an animal
  • Complete the Jane Goodall question and answer sheet


I know that your school reports were sent home last week and that you are due to receive them soon. I am so proud of all of your achievements this year and can't wait to see you back at school in September. If you have any questions about your report, I am very happy to talk things through with you. If this is the case, please email me at and I will call you back as soon as I am able to.

I hope that you enjoy the tasks this week and wish you all a happy and safe summer holiday.

See you in September,

Mrs M smiley

Exercise challenge winners

Well done to the following people for their amazing efforts with the exercise challenge:-

                Maisie for doing nearly 90,000 steps last week!! An incredible effort.

                Chloe for doing a great job with learning a new skill and for sharing her skipping pictures with us.

                Jemima for setting herself a daily running and trampolining challenge, which she completed every morning before                                          doing her school work and then added cycling to her routine during the week.

                Timmy for designing an obstacle course for himself, doing a huge cycle ride and also horse riding.



Hi Woodpeckers,

I hope that you all had a good week last week. I would like Year 5's to continue with the usual routine for English and Maths - a mixture of reading, spelling, times tables, BBC Bitesize, or Oak Academy. If you choose BBC Bitesize, please go on to the daily lesson as we have been doing

If you prefer The Oak Academy area, use the following link scroll down to 'balanced argument' and complete the 5 lessons in this section. For Maths use this link and finish the section 'Calculating with whole numbers and decimals' that you started last week (lessons 6-10).


For Topic (Yr 4 & 5), we will be focusing more on the Eco side of the things. Here are the activities that you can work through:-

  1. Reading comprehension sheet
  2. Scavenger hunt worksheet
  3. Imagine that you are taking a trip to the beach (following on from last week's work) and design and write a postcard telling me about your trip (link it with wildlife, coastlines and pollution)
  4. Complete the recycling poster worksheet
  5. 5 ways to help the earth writing frame worksheet - you can then extend this into a piece of writing if you wish
  6. Complete the wordsearch
  7. My ideas to tackle global warming worksheet


I hope that you enjoy working through these tasks.

Keep in touch and let me know how you get on.


Mrs Middleton smiley


Hi Woodpeckers,

I hope that you are all still well. For English and Maths this week, I would like you to continue with the daily lessons on BBC Bitesize ( as the resources guide you through topics that we would be learning at school this term, but I am also going to give you the option of The Oak Academy learning links, in case you would like to try something different, or want to do some extra activities. The links are set out below.


English (Oak Academy - Character description)

Mon =

Tues =

Weds =

Thurs =

Fri =


Maths (Oak Academy - Calculating with whole numbers and decimals, lessons 1-5)

Mon =

Tues =

Weds =

Thurs =

Fri =


For Topic, we are going to continue with our Eco and nature theme. Having seen the photos of people enjoying the beach last week, we are going to turn our attention to coastal wildlife and processes which occur in the natural environment at the coast. I hope that you enjoy the research activities.

Activities include:-

  • find out about insects/birds/animals/mammals that you would find in a coastal area and make notes about the things that you learn
  • make 3-5 fact files about the different wildlife (out of the ones that you researched above, choose the ones which interested you the most)
  • complete the activity sheet - Coastal words to research
  • coastal wordsearch worksheet
  • coasts clues hunt worksheet
  • create a mind map/spider diagram to show everything that you have learnt this week
  • mindfulness summer colouring worksheet
  • coastal reading comprehension


Keep in touch,

Mrs Middletonsmiley


Year 4 - 29/06/2020 - 03/07/2020




Please find below the links to your English and Maths lessons for this week. 


English: Adventure Story 

Lesson 1:

Lesson 2:

Lesson 3:

Lesson 4:

Lesson 5:


Maths: Measure (continuing from last week)

Lesson 6:

Lesson 7:

Lesson 8:

Lesson 9:

Lesson 10:


If you would like to show me any of your work, I would love to see what you've been up to. (


Keep safe, 


Mrs Leader 

My favourite sculptures/drawings from last week's challenge. Well done to everyone who gave it a go. Mrs M

Fatimah's lovely countryside scene
Micah's creative frog
Timmy's amazing teepee

All children have access to the following websites which can be used on a daily basis:-




The teaching website Twinkl, has given parents free access to their website as part of their offer to support parents at home.

The log on code is :- UKTWINKLHELPS


You are welcome to use this if you have access to the internet as there are lots of free, fun resources for yourself and your children to try at home. Each year group has been given a 'School Closure Home Learning Resource Pack', so search for your child's year group to access this specific resource.

PE Activities to try at Home 

For other Science learning, children can participate in fun, practical activities. If you type 'fun science activities for kids' into your browser, you will find lots of websites with many 'kitchen cupboard science' activities for them to do. A couple of these websites are linked below, though there are many more: