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Our vision is for every child at Kirkby la Thorpe to have a world-leading computing education and we firmly believe that setting young people up for success begins with laying the right foundations during primary education. We believe that children need to be confident to tinker and work things out and be given the opportunities to explore a range of unplugged activities, devices, software, applications and physical computing. We acknowledge that technological devices and software are an integral part of everyday life and that society is becoming more and more reliant on technology to guide, innovate and develop practice in many sectors of work, education, and daily life. We recognise the importance of teaching online safety, as it is essential to ensure that children are enabled to begin to make sensible and educated decisions about their technology use as they get older. Online safety is taught in discreet ICT lessons as well as in PHSE lessons using a wide variety of resources including Barefoot, Project Evolve and Google's Be Internet Legends. Whilst we recognise that high-quality teaching remains the number one priority, we also recognise the importance of preserving the breadth of the curriculum while protecting its core, so young people get a rich experience which will help them develop their own identity and grow into informed, active citizens, with a sense of agency on computing matters.



At KLT, Teach Computing is used to deliver our ICT curriculum alongside Barefoot and Project Evolve. The units in Teach Computing for key stages 1 and 2 are based on a spiral curriculum and pupils revisit each theme through a new unit that consolidates and builds on prior learning within that theme. This is a clear and effective scheme of work that provides coverage in line with the National Curriculum. There are four primary themes that are covered in Teach Computing:

  • Computing systems and networks,
  • Programming,
  • Data and Information and
  • Creating Media


Teaching and learning facilitates progression across all key stages within the above themes. Children have access to various resources which aid in the acquisition of skills and knowledge. Children also have access to the hardware (laptops, iPads and programmable equipment) and software that they need to develop knowledge and skills of digital systems and their applications. Using Project Evolve and Google's Be Internet Legends, children have the opportunity to explore and respond to key issues such as digital communication, self-image and identity, cyberbullying, online safety, security, plagiarism and social media.


Assessment is built into the programme and can be gathered in a number of effective ways, including: discussions, formative and summative assessments.



Our approach to the curriculum results in a relevant, engaging, and high-quality computing education. The quality of children’s learning will be evidenced in online folders and portfolios including Google Classroom, Scratch, and Seesaw. Evidence such as this, is used to feed into teachers’ future planning and are able to revisit misconceptions and knowledge gaps in computing.  By the end of Year 6 at Kirkby la Thorpe Primary, pupils should feel confident in using a range of technology. They should have a sound knowledge of up to date technologies and how they can be used to enhance their own learning. Pupils should be able to recognise how to keep themselves safe online, and they should understand the importance of being a kind and tolerant digital citizen.